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Bumper Sticker - No Bananas

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Product Details
No Bananas!!!! You heard that right - Capt. Marciano's Hard Merch sticker with a no bananas saying shows his belief in that age old superstition that bananas are bad luck on a fishing boat. If you research why this is, it is hard to get a straight answer as to "why" but you will most definitely see that it "is" the truth and not to be messed with. Among some of the reasons why banana's are unlucky on boats are: crew can slip on a banana peel; banana oil can rub off on your hands and scare the fish away; or the historical and to me, most likely plausible one - that back in the 17th and 18th century when ships were crossing the world they would stop on tropical islands and get crates of bananas as food from the locals. Well, guess what? These crates were also loaded with spiders, snakes, and other critters from those islands. So once on board, the critters multiplied, and guess what? Bananas are no longer welcome, or good, on ANY boat! So, whenever you are lucky enough to get on a boat, or maybe even charter the F/V Hard Merchandise, please leave your banana's at home. Show everyone that you understand this superstition and vow yourself never to be an offender!

Tails Up! and bananas out!

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